Alex edited my resume and as a result, job interviews increased immensely. Specifically, job interviews more than tripled in the span of three months. She also provided career advice that has led to an array of opportunities in the mental health field. Alex is a professional who is dedicated to helping people reach their potential and accomplish their personal and professional goals. I highly recommend using her resume writing and career advice services

Chris Keemer



 With the help of Alex Bryant at Omega Forty Seven Consulting, I felt so much more at ease. After reviewing my resume, she gave me recommendations that I would never have even thought of! She is truly innovative and skilled at what she does.


I felt that she was very knowledgeable and was able to help answer any questions I had about how to improve my resume as well as any concerns I had. I recommend her completely and she will ease any anxiety you have related to your job search - you will have a job in no time!

Christie Allison 
Social Media Marketing Specialist

 Let's be honest, job interviews are nerve-wracking at best. Resume and cover letter writing can be even worse. I reached out to Alex when I was simply exhausted from the endless cycle of applications and rejections. When she first revised my resume, I saw how even her slight adjustments made a big difference.

She also offered me some critical advice about networking and overcoming anxieties. 

Our mock interview session was incredibly helpful. She taught me some interesting psychological tricks to beat down anxiety and build up confidence. Trust me, they work! 

I can't wait to work with Alex again.

Rahel Beigel
Technical Advisor | Policy Analyst

 Alex struck me as intelligent, perceptive, and conscientious. I requested a follow-up appointment to discuss my application materials more in-depth and Alex replied immediately. Within 36 hours, I had my one-on-one Zoom meeting with her, where she provided such insightful and helpful pointers to enhance my resume and cover letter, and then she sent me a recap email reiterating what we had discussed and suggestions for improvement.


Alex is articulate, candid without being insensitive, and thorough. Alex answered all of my questions with a smile and was gracious about the fact that our appointment ran over. I am grateful to have met and worked with Alex. I am confident that you will feel the same way!

Pops 2.jpg

          Thanks to Alex, I have received triple the job interviews than before Alex edited my resume. She gave excellent career advice and now I have options for career opportunities.


I have had many resume revisions from other sources before choosing Omega Forty Seven and none have produced the immediate results as my current resume version has that was revised by Alex. I recommend Alex to anyone who is on a search for their ideal job or career and has encountered the difficulties and disappointments the journey can bring.

Francesca Williams



Marketing Director