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Avoid the Job Search Comparison Trap

Updated: Feb 14

Comparing yourself to your peers is only natural. It's human nature to want to benchmark your house, car, and even job search against others. But in a world where we’re oversaturated with images of people who seem to be doing so much better than we are, it can be challenging not to fall prey to the comparison trap. Here are four reasons to avoid the ensnaring rabbit hole of over comparison.

1. It’s a Waste of Time

Time is extremely limited as it is. Why waste it ruminating on how someone on Instagram seems to have a larger following for their small business when you’re struggling to get yours off the ground? Rather than spending time feeling under-accomplished, do something productive instead like revamping your website to attract more clients for your own venture.

2. Your Comparison Point May Not Even be Real

Polished images of people achieving success at their dream job are just the highlight reel that show only a portion of reality. You don’t get a glance of the long hours spent networking and filling out applications that led them there. If you only knew that these folks with the seemingly “perfect career” likely experience the same troubles you do, you may not devote as much energy comparing.

3. You Never Win

No matter who you compare yourself to, you’ll always be the losing party. If you weigh your career against someone who seems to have it all in their profession, you’ll feel inadequate. Plus, there will ALWAYS be someone in a “better” spot than you no matter what you accomplish. It just becomes a never-ending cycle. On the flip side, measuring yourself with someone less fortunate can make you feel, perhaps unfoundedly, superior.

4. Nothing Compares to You

The most important reason not to obsessively compare is because nothing compares to you. Your distinctive gifts and skill sets make you so wonderfully you, no matter what stage you are in your career or job search focus your attention on that! ________________________________________________________________________

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