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Four Reasons your Job Search has Stalled

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

We all know landing a new job can take some time. Chances are slim that you’ll land your dream role at the snap of a finger. But what happens when your search is prolonged longer than anticipated? Here are some reasons why your job hunt might be stalled.

1. You’re Not Fully Tapping Into Your Network

This means more than reaching out to existing connections on LinkedIn though this is a good place to start. Let EVERYONE know you're seeking a new opportunity (the caveat, of course, is to exercise discretion if you don’t want your current employer to know you’re looking). You never know who may know of a lead. I once got connected to an opportunity through my doctor!

Also go on every interview, even if you’re not particularly thrilled about the job. I’ve had talented clients who impressed interviewers so much, they were referred to positions more aligned with their skills and career goals.

2. The Timing is Off

Many industries have ‘hot’ hiring periods during certain seasons. If your search falls outside of these peak times, it could take longer to land a job. If at all possible, try to align your hunt within these months. Use ‘off-seasons’ to work on your professional branding strategy.

3. You're Not Looking in the Right Places

LinkedIn and Indeed are popular and invaluable job search platforms. But don’t overlook other avenues to find a job. Take a look at some of these other industry-specific career sites:

Telecommute & Flexible Schedule: FlexJobs

Nonprofit & Social Impact: Idealist

Higher Education: HigherEdJobs

Public Service & Government: USAJOBS

Try also joining professional associations. There’s a good chance you’ll find industry-specific postings on their sites. Take advantage of their events (including virtual ones) which are great ways to network and connect with professionals in your particular field.

Your geographical location can also be the culprit for your career search slump. If you’re keen on landing a middle management role within a large film production company but are limiting your search to Sioux Falls, you may have more options if you look in Los Angeles and New York too. If it’s unrealistic to uproot to a new city, consider seeking remote jobs.

4. Your Professional Brand Needs Polishing

Branding isn’t just for companies anymore. Professional branding is essentially managing your plist with a Proven Track Record of Leading High-Functioning Teams? Double check that your professional “theme” is consistent across all channels.

If your quest for a new position is taking longer than expected, taking a step back to assess can help you to move forward.


If your career search has hit a wall, let Omega Forty Seven help you jumpstart it today.

Visit us at to learn more.

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